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Bryan L James

Digital Producer

I wish there was a label you could put on me. I am Bryan L James, an artist and a problem solver. I have worked on many different projects and utilized my talents to reach one goal: solve problems. From animating a frog to advertise exciting new features in After Effects and Adobe Premiere, to setting up a shark character for a SyFy original TV movie, to rigging and pipeline development and even animation for "Longshot", EA Madden 18's new story mode, no challenge is too large. My skills span across character rigging, scripting and coding, animation, motion graphics and editing. Put my versatility and work ethic to use while we make amazing products together!

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Seven-year veteran, fast-learner in high pressure situations. Versatile skill set, personable and positive attitude with a teamwork ideology. Problem-solver with a passion for creating new tools and efficient workflow.


Technical Animator/Rigger, EA Tiburon

Orlando, Florida — August 2016­-August 2017

  • Write and maintain scripts using Python, and UI development with PySide.
  • Develop rigs and solutions for robust animation.
  • Develop workflows for fast creation of rigs.
  • Work with animation team to solve complex problems and paint weights based on new requirements.
  • Develop joint based pose space deformation to ensure met requirements for game engine animation.
  • Improve pipeline workflow by expanding toolset capabilities outside of Maya.
  • Create animations to ensure capabilities of rigs while utilizing the 12 principles of animation.
  • Integrate rigs from Maya into engine and create scripts to expedite the process.
  • Develop process to utilize Maya’s constraints and dynamic systems on game ready rigs.
  • Character animation.
  • Prop animation.
  • Mocap cleanup.

Freelance: Technical Artist, SyFy: Original Film

Fort Drum, New York — May­-June 2017

Delevoped rig system for a heavy sack prop for upcoming SyFy Original Film.

Freelance: Technical Artist, SyFy: Ozark Shark

Fort Drum, New York — January­-February 2016

Utilized animation experience to develop a complicated shark rig for use in a SyFy original film, airing this summer. Implemented an auto swim function to the tail to speed up animation production. Executed direction and critique with minimum supervision.

Freelance: Character Animator, Triune Films

Fort Drum, New York — March-April 2014

Performed character animation for frog character with direction for "Adobe and the Frog" for display at NAB 2014 showcasing new features between Adobe Software's Premiere Pro and After Effects.

Freelance: Video Producer, Filmscape Productions

Orlando, Florida — January 2016­-Pesent

Receives direction for the production of a range of video styles and executes quickly while delivering on time. Designed motion graphics as needed while maintaining the brand of large name clients.

Freelance: Video Producer, USA Toyz

Orlando, Florida — July-December 2015

Pre-produces, captures and edits video showcasing various products from household items to HD camera quad copters. Utilizes direction to increase visual appeal of products while using voice-over to convey features and value of items.

Broadcast Journalist, U.S. Army

Fort Drum, New York — 2012-2015

  • Obtained Secret Clearance
  • Recognized for outstanding production of an in-house marketing video for Majors attending the Intermediate Level Education Course (still in use) saving Fort Drum over $30,000 in production costs
  • Produced motion graphics branding, IDs, spots, and targeted messaging videos
  • Assisted senior leadership in the development of operational strategies and messaging
  • Succeeded in a rapidly changing and stressful environment by analyzing and implementing strategies
  • Participated in or supervises the operations of a radio and television broadcast center
  • Prepared scripts
  • Announced, performed, and gave play-by-play coverage of events
  • Operated broadcast station equipment for newscasts, radio music programs, and broadcast releases
  • Conducted interviews
  • Digitally edited programs
  • Produced audio and video field productions
  • Provided guidance to subordinates
  • Produced radio/television features, public affairs announcements, and newscasts
  • Maintained program files and materials


Full Sail University

BA Computer Animation — May 2016

Full Sail University

AA Computer Animation — September 2006

Obtained skills in all aspects of a production pipeline to include character animation, effects and compositing, modeling, rigging and pre production. Worked with a group of artists to provide animation cycles for student project video game, "Ultimate Fairy Battle".

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